EzyChill Auto Air Con Re-gas Adelaide


EzyChill Auto Air Con Re-gas Adelaide provides you with an excellent mobile car air conditioning service that will keep your car cool during the hot Adelaide summer.


In a car air conditioning system, the refrigerant gas needs to be fully recharged within four years from the manufacture date and every two to three years after that. Getting a yearly Car air-con service will help to avoid costly breakdowns. If you let the system run low on refrigerant the compressor has to work twice as hard and will therefore wear out in half the time.

The refrigerant gas that is used to operate your aircon system depletes over time. When the aircon system is not used over the winter, the small “O” ring seals can dry out allowing the gas to leak, sometime up to 15% over the winter months when it is not being used. This is why it is sensible to run your air conditioner system occasionally through the winter months.

From repairing to installing and re-gassing, our qualified technicians will ensure you’re enjoying all the benefits of staying cool behind the wheel.

EzyChill Auto Air Con Re-gas Adelaide will check your system for leaks, repair where needed and regas your system ready for the summer months.

Forget the hassles of arranging drop-off and pick-up from a mechanic's workshop. EzyChill Auto Air Con Re-gas Adelaide are fully equipped, we come to you at your home, at your work - wherever your car is located

Our mechanics inspect your air con system leaks, deterioration or damage to any hoses, seals or components as well as make sure the operating pressures are according to regulations.

Ezy-Chill mechanics are qualified refrigerant handlers and can perform air conditioning repairs, services and re-gas on most makes and models

Our Mobile Air Conditioning Repairs Include:

  • Reconditioning Compressors
  • Systems Rebuild
  • Electronic Leak Testing
  • Uv Dye Leak Testing
  • Tx Valve Replacement
  • Condensors Replacement
  • Evaporator Replacement

Indications That Your Car Air Conditioning System Needs Some Attention:

  • Your Car Doesn’t Feel Cold Enough
  • Odd Smells Coming From The Air Conditioning System
  • Rattling Or Noises Coming From The Air Conditioning System
  • Excessive Moisture In Your Car
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